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Software Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance accounts for a large section of our business; a considerable portion of this is for systems that we did not write in the first instance.

Our support and maintenance services fall into two categories:

  • Our own systems
  • Those provided by third party suppliers

We can work remotely from our own premises or onsite at the client's offices.

Third Party Products

Before taking on third party products we need to learn about the system in order to reliably support it. We will therefore assess the system with a view to:

  • Review the system - system requirements, technical documentation, code & quality, infrastructure, database
  • Become familiar with the operation of the system
  • Assess documentation against our standard approach
  • Implement any changes or remedial actions as defined by the client

Legacy Code Maintenance

The most common reasons for dealing with legacy systems are:

  • Add new functionality
  • Redesign the user interface (UI)
  • Replace the system
  • Fix long standing errors

Because of the inherent nature of legacy systems (lack of or out of date documentation) our approach is to reduce the risk by working as non-invasively as possible.


We cover the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft ASP, ASP.NET, VB, VB.NET
  • Databases - including SQL Server, MySQL, Access
  • Legacy technologies